I don't update this anymore, new site at https://nasanoa.org



I'm nasanoa (or also usually not known by Joonas) from Finland and I'm 18 years old

I like listening to music, making music and also making websites

I made this site because im desperate for attention for people to quickly see my music releases and other things


I like electronic music but I love kicky and glitchy breakcore

my music making journey started in 2021 with fl studio after listening to a bunch of axtrmnt and waqs

biggest influences to my style:

  • weyheyhey
  • stellabee
  • (a lot of others but those two are the biggest)

if you somehow like my music, do not donate! instead leave me a message or something else!

my favorite artists (kind of in order):

  • techdiff (+ all the peace off ppl)
  • tusk mite
  • kenkotaiji
  • shimau
  • i broke my robot
  • non human
  • bethas
  • healspirit1
  • ruby my dear
  • bvilches


if you want to contact me about something, try to find me on discord (not leaving my tag) or contacting me through soundcloud or something


this site works without javascript but u get some improvements from enabling it, like theme persistence